We're back!

The shoot was a huge success. Our Lithuanian crew-turned-family was fantastic, we could not have asked for better partners on this project. And the močiutės were fabulous, of course! They opened their homes to us, filled our ears with songs and stories, and stuffed our bellies with delicious home-cooked meals. We have the močiutės, their families, and indeed, the entire village to thank for their incredible generosity and willingness to help make this film the best it can possibly be.

We shot every single day for almost a month, and came home with tons of material: mushroom hunts in the morning mist, ghost stories at the "witch swamp," partisan bunkers, ancient beekeepers, ancient pagan rituals, and of course, the močiutės' singing anywhere and everywhere - from their kitchen tables to the river Skroblus, to a giant pyramid in the middle of the forest (long story!). We were delighted to discover that, yes, it's true: this really is the Land Of Songs...

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Buk sveikas!