Halfway there! Here's a daina download to show our thanks

We made it! To 50% that is...we still have a long way to go. But in the mean time, let's celebrate!

As promised, we've digitally released one of the močiutės' songs for you to enjoy. I chose one that belongs to one of the oldest and richest genres, the raudos, or laments. This particular daina is a "wedding lament," and it contains many layers of history, including imagery from ancient Baltic mythology. You can listen to and download the track, plus find more info and lyrics, on Soundcloud here:


I had a tough time choosing between this daina and one of my favorites, the unofficial anthem of Puvočiai, "Puvočių Daina," written by the močiutės themselves. I first heard the Puvočių Daina back in 2005, and the melody haunted me for years, until I finally heard it again this past fall. I want to share it with you, so here's the plan: We reach 75%, and I'll release the track!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Happy listening!